5-step formula to get on quality dates without changing who you are

ruby le, tedx speaker & mmft

I have dedicated the last decade of my life to help the good guys find the right person for them. 

I earned my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy. After working with couples and becoming a matchmaker, I became the lead matchmaker, trainer, and coach for eHarmony. I, personally, also align with the good guys who may be more on the shy side (because I was there). I use all of this to help my clients. Let's do this! 

I will be guiding you through the 5-step process all of my clients have taken to go from zero to multiple quality dates (even if you’re shy or inexperienced)

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+ Learn how to get out of your own self-sabotaging, the self-doubt, and finally start feeling confident and clear

+ Discover your lady magnet that will attract the quality ladies you've been dreaming of

+Find out where your ladies are at: Are they online? Offline? You'll have your answer here

+ Time-saving shortcuts to figure out where your focus should be in the process of dating

+ Also included on top of access to the ebook is a complimentary audio version, the opportunity for a free strategy call, and free access to a private facebook group for guidance 

+ All of this without changing who you are. Yes, this works even if you're shy. You do NOT need to be someone else to get the girl

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