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  • You're new to dating

    You’ve never had a serious relationship, and you maybe a little inexperienced. You’ve been so focused on your career and education, you forgot about dating. Where do you even start?

  • You're shy and quiet

    You’re much more of an observer and listener, so sometimes you can be a little awkward. It’s difficult for you to approach women – it’s uncomfortable. How do you make the first move?

  • You're constantly rejected

    It takes a lot to put yourself out there but even when you do, you get shot down. You can’t even get a chance cause all you hear are lame excuses – What are you doing wrong?

Don't worry - I got your back.

I'm Ruby, some call me the modern day Hitch. I'm the dating coach for you know, the good guys. Like you.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret; you are the kind of guy women really want.

Wait what?! - How is that possible? I know you're skeptical because dating has not been easy for you.

That is why I'm here. I'll help you become a lady magnet to attract the one without changing a thing about you. No false vibrato, no B.S. You will no longer have that "nice guy" label hanging over you and instead be the GOOD guy that she's been looking for.

So, let's do something about this. After all, you do want to settle down...

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