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I have spent many years working, researching, and creating a one-on-one program that would get you from your zero luck to multiple connections that mean something to you. I wanted a program that would help you overcome your mindset barriers, fears, build confidence, and attract the girl of your dreams.

I could go on and on about how my strategies, years of experience, and coaching style would get you the progress you've been looking for.

But I'm sure you don't want to hear it from me.

Let's let my past clients tell you themselves!

They are like you, with the same fears and struggles, and big heart. Except, they took a leap many are too afraid to do, and look where it landed them.

A deeper look into their experiences and results after working with yours truly

Scott: from constant rejection with the few dates he received, to 3 dates in one weekend, and now dating one quality woman

Watch & listen to his story below.  "I was serious about finding someone, but I wasn't seeing results. I asked friends, family, and read the internet. I was going in circles. So, I decided to do something different. In the end, it paid off."

""It feels really good, we go on dates, we text each other day, we have common interests, having someone that cares about me. Hopefully it works out but it feels good right now"

Meet Scott, with having only one relationship at 29 years old in combination with his shy and reserved personality, he dreaded dating due to the confusion. What to say, what to do on dates, where to look -- online dating was a nightmare when he tried by himself. And if he got dates, it all lead to "I just don't feel the connection" -- then, he became overwhelmed with dates, positive responses from women. It all lead to him happily dating one woman now!

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Seth: from exhaustion to committed relationship

"We talk and text every day and are getting closer all the time, and we communicate exceptionally well. She told me the other day that her only responsibility to me as my partner was to make me happy by whatever means necessary...The needle on my smile meter has been buried needless to say."

Meet Seth, a 41 year old music teacher living in Los Angeles.  He has many one-off dates, unable to find a woman he wants and sticks. His commitment to learning from my program, even throw the many low moments, has lead him to his current girlfriend. They just got back from their first trip together!

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Watch and listen to his story below. He has also written out his complete story and personal message to you.

Dennis: from multiple divorces to newly moved in with the "right" one

Watch & listen to his story below. He has a message for you. "My only regret is spending money on everything else before finding you"

"We've moved in together now (after months of dating). I'm very happy and confident I have the right girl!"

Meet Dennis, a 3-time divorced father who continuously got stuck in toxic relationships and married the wrong kind of women. After his divorce, with 5 kids to take care of, he had no idea how to dive back in. On top of that, clueless on finding a woman who is right for him. He went on dates, but it never lead to anything further. He got interest online, but from those he didn't want. And the ones he wanted? Never responded to his messages.

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Edward: from struggles with social anxiety to approaching women to in a relationship

Watch & listen to his story below. He has a message for you.

"Now I'm in a relationship, it's great - it's a great feeling. Especially around this time of the year during the Holidays"

Meet Edward, 42 year old Engineer, who focused on his family and career that it got him zero dates in his life. He's one who struggled with not only little experience in relationships/dating, but tremendous social anxiety. He was very focused on his family and career that, unfortunately, got him zero dates in his life. Now his fear of talking to girls has turned into confidence, and fast forward 6 months after intense guidance - he is happy with his girlfriend.

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Kevin: from no dates, no interest to getting his first girlfriend and happily in his FIRST committed relationship

"I do have a girlfriend, we see eye to eye, saw my strengths....she saw that and some of the things I"m worried about like not being tall enough, being an Asian guy, I thought women weren't liking me for these reasons...but she likes me for all those reasons, for who truly I am"

Meet Kevin, 32 years old, engineer living in San Diego, CA. He didn't have much of a dating experience, and if he did -- it was only first dates. He was always getting seen as the "nice guy" and getting friend-zoned.  He had all these questions like "How can I avoid this zone? How can I be confident? How can I meet women?" -- listen to more of his journey to learn how he came from that to being in a committed relationship. And trust us, it wasn't easy -- but it was all worth it.

Watch & listen to his story below. He has a message for you

"What's the worst that can happen? If you identify a problem, you simply fix it"

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Konrad: from online dating being a fail to meeting his girlfriend online

"We made it Facebook official. I'm really happy, I'm glad to be with her, I'm constantly looking forward to the next time I'll be around her and see her.  It's going really well and I feel this really exciting connection with someone who is really important and special to me"

Meet Konrad, 29 years old,  an IT specialist, in Columbia, MO, with very little experience in relationships, met only through friends, and tried online dating previously but it never worked.  It was through that (online) method that he met his girlfriend. He hoped he'd meet his girlfriend through a more "organic" way, but realized that having an "organic" connection is better than meeting in an "organic" way.

Watch & listen to his story below. He has a message for you.- "It's never going to hurt you to try something new"

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Max: from exhaustion, going on dates with women not of his caliber to, going on dates with quality ladies (dating is exciting now!)

Watch & listen to his story below. He has a message for you.

"I'd ask yourself the question...are you currently confident in the decisions you're making in your dating life? Are you confident in getting the results yourself? If not, I suggest to get support"

"'ve attracted people that have very similar values to me. I'm actually seeing someone right now and it's been a really cool and great experience. It's great to feel these feelings"

Max is one that let work consume most of his life. He, also, moved away from his social circle so it limited his opportunity to meet people in general. He'd date ladies, but none that were the quality he's looking for. With his time and energy already limited, he didn't know what to do. Dating became exhausting, his mindset got in the way (thinking nothing will work and he can't find his quality), but he knew he wanted change. He's now enjoying dating and his spare time is going to quality dates.

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Jessie: from zero dates, ever, to multiple interests and dates

"I have a date for this Thursday, talking to two others. Is it weird to be talking to multiple women at once?...."

Meet Jessie, 34 years old,  who describes himself as incredibly awkward and shy - rarely ever being able to strike up a conversation. He was reluctant to go back and try online dating after getting zero matches and zero responses for 2 years.  Shortly after working with me, he gets multiple interest in a day, having conversations with a handful, had a lady give her number instead of him needing to ask, and went out on multiple dates.

Watch & listen to his story below. He has a message for you.

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