Ready to stop the loneliness and start getting dates?

You don't want to be the third wheel, the "just a friend", and dateless to events.

You're probably wondering...

  • How is it that you're the "nice guy" anyway?

  • Why is it women aren't interested in you?

  • What are you doing wrong?

If you're struggling with...

  • Finding your confidence

    You’re not even sure what makes you attractive. You’re feeling like you’re just not what women are looking for.

  • Confusion & Frustration

    You’re trying different things, but nothing is working. You’re absolutely stuck on what to do or where to even go.

  • Noticing you're at a disadvantage

    You’ve either been married most of your life or single, focused on your career, and never had a relationship.

Good news - I can help you answer all of those and more.

The first option for you is this online course, The Dating Starter Pack. This is where you should begin if you don't know where to start, need a boost, and launch your dating life.

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Want something more personal? Customized to your personality and needs as I hold you accountable to quickly reach your results?

That's why I created Good Gentleman, a private premium 1:1 coaching package

A high-touch service customized to your needs and meet your goals without changing who you are.

You'd get a fully customized plan for you.

Together, we'd create a plan to get you on dates without changing who you are so you can find the ONE.

With my support, you'd feel:

  • Happy finally meeting the girl of your dreams
  • Clear of your main blocker keeping you from getting dates
  • Aware of your strengths and highlights
  • Attractive with the new ladies interested in you
  • Certain on what women really want
  • Comfortable by discovering your own full potential
  • Quick to catch women's cues and respond positively
  • Reduce your rejection rate rapidly
  • Confident, cool, and suave after working on presentation & style
  • At ease and comfortable when speaking to a woman
  • Excited to online date with success
  • No longer nervous when meeting a woman

...and more!

I am completely passionate about making sure you are equipped with all the knowledge, strategies, and material to get you on a date that will lead you to your dream girl.

It's your time to happily be in a relationship.

You spend most of your life being incredibly generous, making others a priority, and doing what's best for everyone else. Let's change this.

Invest in yourself, it's your time to be happy with the dream girl.

I can help you get there.

I have worked with the matchmaking firm, It's just Lunch, and I am the lead matchmaker and coach at eHarmony's premium service, eH+. I have helped hundreds of clients search for their special person, coached those to be successful, and helped clients get happily married and in relationships.

I earned a Masters degree in Marriage and family Therapy from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors degree in Social Work from San Diego State University. I have worked with many couples to enhance their overall satisfaction and overcome struggles in their relationship.

You and I connect virtually via Skype or phone. In between our set calls, you will have complete email support from me, access to all my documents you can't find anywhere else, and my endless support.

I will be by your side in this journey - no more feeling awkward talking about it to your bros or to other women (it'll only friend zone you more).

Don't believe me? Read what other men just like you have said...

Any previous notions I had on online dating have been remolded with an optimistic view of the future. With Ruby's guidance, I can finally put myself out there in the dating world.

- Nghia, 32

I am thankful that I had your support because I wouldn't have been able to conduct myself properly before, during or after.

- Tony, 27, Civil Engineer

I learned to better understand the woman that I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  It really helped to affirm what is a better match for me, based on who I am.  It made me much more self-aware and reflective in what I wanted in a lady. Instead of bad dates, I went on quality dates.

- Toan, 31, Senior Software Engineer

Ruby helped me to better communicate to ladies, because Ruby is herself a lady. That gave me great confidence, it was really helpful to me when I would communicate with other women.

- William, 44, IT Consultant

Texts not enough for you?
We have videos of real clients & their experiences

Like Edward below, who went from zero experience to in a wonderful relationship

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Why wait to see if it "may happen"? You don't want to wait another 5 years to realize you should have done this years before. Because by that time, it may be a little too late. These skills need to be practiced, it's not going to magically happen.

Why need a coach? Aren't I not being genuine then? Wrong! Why do people need to get a fitness coach? To get the fit body help. You get a coach, an expert in their field, to help you get to a result you want. I am here with all my knowledge about women and dating to help you step-by-step get you on dates with quality women, getting closer to the one.

Let's face it, you are reading this because what you've been doing has not worked so far.

You can read articles and books as much as you want, but it's still speaking to a broad audience. You're a unique individual in a specific area. You get a coach to have a the one on one care and support.


It's fairytale talk if you believe that if you stick to the same routine, you'd get something different.

You need to do something different to get something different.

Note: Because of the heavy investment I put in for each client, spots for new clients are limited. I only work with genuine, good-hearted, and stable men. I'd love to hear more about you and see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

For any other questions, you may e-mail

Ready to have that special woman wrapped in your arms? Let's talk.

Let's not make your love life wait any longer and jumpstart your efforts in the right direction.

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